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The mission of TIVA -DC is to connect the media production community to jobs, resources, and educational opportunities in the National Capital region.



TIVA Statement of Support Addressing Racial Injustice

TIVA Board of Directors • June 5, 2020

Against a long and painful history of oppressive racist practices, systems and ideologies which have grievously targeted African American men, women and children, we cannot continue to stand by in silence.

In response to the killing of George Floyd, we choose to add our voice of support to those calling for an end to racist ideology and racist practices, which have manifested over time across every sector of our lives, especially as those abhorrent practices are carried out by law enforcement, the judicial system and in business operations, the health care system, schools and in neighborhoods and communities across the country.

In addition, as some of our nation’s own law enforcement authorities, elected officials, and judicial systems continue to choose to operate with oppressive racist perspectives, and work to silence, suppress or distort the voices, actions and intent of those rising up to take a stand against longstanding racist practices and oppressive actions, or do not pursue justice against those who carry out racist, abusive, deadly actions, we add our voice of support to all those who seek to exercise their constitutional rights of free speech and assembly.

We strongly feel that we are called upon to speak up clearly and directly — as creatives, storytellers, journalists, historians, documentary producers, writers, composers and performance artists, who are intrinsically at the core of a conversation which is centered around freedom of speech, justice, law and order, and creative expression.

Because in silence, we ultimately signal acquiescence and approval of currently unfair and unjust systems and practices that are affecting targeted communities, just as surely as they affect the larger society as a whole, of which we as communicators and artists are an essential part.

This is indeed an appropriate time to also reaffirm our commitment to TIVA’s bylaws, which clearly speak to our embrace and commitment of nondiscrimination, and to act upon the call, also in our bylaws, to project and send a positive and affirming statement that upholds “a positive image of the Association, its activities and its Board.”

The mission of TIVA-DC is to connect the media production community to jobs, resources, and educational opportunities in the National Capital region. We take that mission seriously, and throughout our 30+ year history we have endeavored to embrace every opportunity to fulfill its underlying premise: that together, as a unified and mutually respecting community, TIVA is better able to support and celebrate each other’s work; to educate one another; to be a resource for each other; and, as opportunities present themselves, to work together on creative and productive projects. There is absolutely no room or tolerance for racist ideologies, oppressive practices or racial discrimination in the fulfillment of that mission.

Implicit in TIVA’s mission and throughout our long history is the reality and truism that we are all better when we are working together as a unified community — respectful of all of its members, regardless of race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, party affiliation, religion, belief or any other class protected by law.

During this time of heightened public discourse and daily media coverage of all manner of activities that revolve around the value, manner and role of freedom of expression, first amendment rights, social justice, and law and order, TIVA proudly reaffirms the important role of the arts and creative expression as essential to democracy and to living, working and collaborating in a free, open and democratic society.

We are at our best, most productive and unified when we work, collaborate, create and come together as a mutually respectful community. We therefore disavow racism, stand against racist ideologies and practices and unequivocally support freedom of expression and the right for people to peaceably assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

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