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TIVA-DC Meetings & Events

Our region’s best resource for sharing content creation and distribution knowledge

A recent TIVA Meeting at Interface Video.

From preproduction, production, post production and distribution and all points in between, TIVA meetings have a heritage of being interesting, involving, and a great investment of your membership dollars at work!

 We continually bring you the region’s top producers, shooters, and graphic artists to present tried and true techniques you can use on your next production. We canvas the United States for experts to share their knowledge for the benefit of TIVA members and community partners. Just see how we brought Hollywood to you below!

You can be a part of this exciting endeavor. Whether you are a student or seasoned pro, send your meeting ideas/wishes to meetings@tivadc.org and we’ll work to put your topic on the schedule, if feasible. Join TIVA and help bring great programming to life!

To find out what's coming up on TIVA-DC's meeting & event calendar, click on the calendar view above or on one of the Upcoming Events below for more information.

Upcoming events

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Past events

04/25/2024 DC 48 Hour Film Project Networking Event : TIVA | 48HFP “Planning for your Production Success, Resources and Networking”
06/03/2023 2023 Mega-Tech Gear Exchange
04/06/2023 “48 Hour Film Project: Tips and Tricks”/Tour of Henninger Media Services
03/23/2023 “Solving Production Problems-The Swiss Army Knife Approach"/Celebro Studio Tour
01/31/2023 Show Us Your Reel - Winter 2023 Edition
01/31/2022 Additional 2021 TIVA Peer Awards Trophies (and certificates)
11/06/2021 2021 Mega-Tech DMV Gear Sale/Exchange
05/27/2021 Adapting to New Production Realities
02/08/2021 Voice-Over! Finding Your Voice, Creating and Keeping a Career (Door Prizes!)
09/24/2020 Streaming and Podcasts: Amplifying Your Voice and Message During COVID
08/27/2020 The Intersection of Art, Politics, Culture, and Social Change
07/29/2020 Stonehenge Auditions 2020
02/20/2020 Show Us Your Reel - Winter 2020 Edition
01/24/2020 TIVA/WIFV/Actors' Center/NAMIC/PGA/SAG-AFTRA/VPA Winter Holiday Party
10/24/2019 Podcasting Q&A and Audio Equipment Insights
09/12/2019 The Future of Learning in Extended Realities
06/29/2019 2019 Mega-Tech DMV Gear Sale/Exchange
06/06/2019 Video Kit Hands-On Showcase
04/17/2019 Stonehenge Auditions 2019
03/07/2019 Show Us Your Reel - Spring 2019 Edition
02/20/2019 Postponed: Business Cards & Beer
01/25/2019 TIVA/WIFV/SAG-AFTRA/PGA/Actors’ Center Winter Holiday Party
11/17/2018 2018 Peer Awards Ceremony Tickets
10/13/2018 2018 TIVA Gear Yard Sale & Cookout!
08/02/2018 Show Us Your Reel - Summer 2018 Edition!
06/20/2018 Best Practices for Self Taped Auditions
06/07/2018 Business Cards & Beer
05/07/2018 TIVA 2018 Post-NAB Wrap-Up Panel
04/26/2018 Technology & Storytelling: Using Emerging/Innovative Technologies (360/VR/AR) in Digital Storytelling
04/05/2018 TIVA First Thursday: The 48 Hour Film Project
03/28/2018 TIVA Happy Hour at 1831 Bar and Lounge
03/17/2018 Creative Edge / Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts (WALA)
01/25/2018 Show Us Your Reel - Winter 2018 Edition!
11/11/2017 2017 Peer Awards Ceremony Tickets
09/23/2017 TIVA Gear Yard Sale & Cookout!
05/31/2017 "Can You Hear What I Am Saying?" Voice Over - Audio Panel!
05/10/2017 TIVA Post-NAB Q & A Wrap Panel
04/19/2017 TIVA 3D, 360° , Virtual-Reality Panel
03/29/2017 TIVA Happy Hour!
03/02/2017 Show Us Your Reel - Winter 2017 Edition!
02/25/2017 One Day Film School for Producers
02/15/2017 TIVA Drone Panel Event!
01/27/2017 TIVA/WIFV/CINE Holiday party
12/07/2016 2016 Government Video Expo!
11/13/2016 2016 TIVA Peer Awards Trophies
11/12/2016 Peer Awards Tickets 2016
11/12/2016 Peer Awards not picked up at the French Embassy
10/06/2016 Barbizon Lighting
09/29/2016 VisionDC-Film Collaborative
09/21/2016 Show Us Your Reel - Fall 2016 Edition!
09/17/2016 Songwriters Workshop - Sponsored by BlueRock Productions
09/01/2016 Primer to: "Inside the World of Film Acquisitions: How to Sell your project to Hollywood!"
08/17/2016 Aspiring Filmmakers Sneak Preview
07/20/2016 TIVA Audio Tips and Tricks
07/16/2016 TIVA Technology Yard Sale/Cookout 2016
06/16/2016 TIVA/VPA Legal Event
05/12/2016 Post NAB TIVA/PGA Panel and Wrap-Up Meeting 2016
03/30/2016 Media Liability, Production/Entertainment Insurance Risks
03/16/2016 TIVA Happy Hour
03/03/2016 Show Us Your Reel - Winter 2016 Edition!
02/05/2016 TIVA/WIFV/CINE Holiday party
12/02/2015 Evening Creative Community Event at GV Expo 2015
11/14/2015 Peer Awards Tickets 2015
10/21/2015 Show Us Your Reel - Fall 2015 Edition
10/07/2015 Making Great Lighting Happen
09/03/2015 Getting Started in Your Media Career
08/29/2015 TIVA Technology Yard Sale/Cookout and Studio Tour
08/22/2015 TIVA and Washington Nationals Baseball Group Night Out
05/20/2015 2D and 3D Animation: Design, Style, and Approach
05/07/2015 Post NAB TIVA Panel and Wrap-up meeting
04/22/2015 DMV & Baltimore Film Office Directors Panel
04/02/2015 Inside look at Fast & Furious 7 Promo Cuts for USA Network with NYC Director, Paul Del Vecchio
03/18/2015 Show Us Your Reel - Winter Edition
02/25/2015 The Mobile Landscape
01/26/2015 TIVA/WIFV Holiday party
12/03/2014 TIVA at GV Expo 2014
11/09/2014 Peer Awards Trophies
11/08/2014 Peer Awards Tickets
10/15/2014 Show Us Your Reel: Demos and Networking Night
10/02/2014 Maximize Your Mix: A Primer for Audio Post
09/17/2014 Working with Talent
09/04/2014 Starting Your Career
07/31/2014 TIVA Nationals Group Night
07/19/2014 TIVA Yard Sale & Cookout
06/18/2014 Demystifying Working with a Composer on Your Next Project
06/05/2014 Keying and Rotoscoping With Richard Harrington
05/21/2014 Comparing Editing Platforms at Future Media Concepts (FMC)
05/01/2014 NAB Wrap-Up Meeting
04/03/2014 How to Produce Media for Streaming and the Future of Delivering Content to Different Platforms
03/19/2014 Pitching to the Networks
03/06/2014 The State of 4k and How You Can Utilize it On Any Budget
02/20/2014 Re-imagining the Motion Picture and Television Development Office, An Evening with Director Pierre Bagley.
02/06/2014 Show Us Your Reel: Demos and Networking Night
12/11/2013 TIVA DC Holiday Party
11/16/2013 Peer Awards Tickets
11/16/2013 2013 Peer Awards Music CD
10/16/2013 Camera Rigs (Flying and Moving)
10/06/2013 Workshop: Actors understanding all that surrounds them
09/18/2013 Special Effects MakeUp
09/05/2013 Show Us Your Reel: Demos and Networking Night
07/24/2013 TIVA Nationals Group Night
07/20/2013 TIVA Yard Sale & Cookout
06/19/2013 RFPs - Pitching to Networks and Pitching to Clients.
06/06/2013 First Thursdays: Program Finishing - Color/Mix/Specs Oh My!!
05/15/2013 Monetizing Online Video and Creating A Video Network
05/02/2013 First Thursdays: Comparing Affordable Cameras
04/17/2013 An Animated Discussion
04/04/2013 First Thursdays: Tapeless Workflow
03/20/2013 Putting Out A Contract
03/07/2013 First Thursdays: Motion Graphics & Plug Ins
02/21/2013 Getting Started in Your Media Career
02/07/2013 First Thursdays: Streaming Media and the Future of Distribution/Collaboration
01/16/2013 TIVA’s Winter Networking Event
12/07/2012 TIVA DC Holiday Party
11/27/2012 Government Video Expo
11/17/2012 Peer Tickets
11/08/2012 Getting to Know You Night
10/17/2012 Green Screen Magic
10/04/2012 The Killer App for Video
09/19/2012 Fall Networking Event
08/25/2012 TIVA Seminar - Griff's Guide to Gripping
06/20/2012 The Creative Side of Casting
06/07/2012 The Making of Champions
05/23/2012 Stop Motion in Digital Age

Event Highlight

A great turnout for the TIVA 3D, 360°, Virtual-Reality Panel held at Henninger Media Services in Arlington on April 19, 2017

Full House at our American University and BlueRock supported innovative Hollywood Film Acquisition Executive Primer!

Engaged attendees are focused and attentive taking lots of valuable and insightful notes from the "How to get your Film Project acquired in Hollywood" primer course from two, top Hollywood film acquisition executives from West Hollywood, California.



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