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Dazzle and Delight

Hundreds of DC's brightest video professionals gathered at the National Press Club in Washington for a night of great food, great videos and above all, great company.  You can see a full list of the winners, many with clickable links, by clicking here.  


See The 2012 List of Winners

Peer Winner Photos Now Available

Winners at the 2012 DC Peer Awards
The official award photos from the 2012 DC Peer Awards are now available for viewing and downloading  by clicking here
Special thanks to Arlie Visions for this tremendous amount of work.    You can see examples of Arlie’s fine portraits and other photographic work and order prints at www.simplyarlie.com

Please note: You are free to download these images for use promoting your winning award such as in a press release or on your website or facebook page so long as you add the credit line: photo provided by www.simplyarlie.com, and do not remove the watermark.  Any other commercial use or to purchase photos without the mark, please contact Arlie Visions directly by emailing  

Peer Awards Honor Linda Maslow
Linda Maslow reads her write up in the Peer Program as Scott Godron looks on

Linda Maslow, the founder and CEO of the widely respectedMaslow Media Group was named as the recipient of this year's distinguished achievement award presented at the Peer awards on November 17th.

Linda's remarks inspired many and are worth reading again.  Click here to read.

Setting the Gold Standard at 2012’s Peer Awards Gala

By Sarah A. Snyder

The cables have been rolled up, the lights have been taken down, and the Keynote show saved to a removable drive. So that’s a wrap on the 12th Annual Peer Awards, TIVA’s showcase event to “honor the people that set the standard for quality work,” TIVA President Jerry Griffith said.

Bart Woodward, this year’s committee chair, called the awards the “valedictorian of our profession.” Those in the top of their ‘class’ were honored Saturday, November 17 at The National Press Club.

This year’s program differed with the addition of two new categories: radio actor (male and female) and radio production (unfortunately, no entries). Dropped was the best foreign language category. Also new was the Award for Best of DC, which the audience voted for after viewing 2-minute clips of five of the top submissions winnowed down from a list of best productions in (nearly) every category. And the winner is… Nathan Ackerman, a first-time ‘Peery,’ of Washington Media Group, for his clever animated piece “Iron vs. PVC.”

“It’s one thing to be recognized by a few people for your work, but when it’s the larger production community…[who knows the kind of effort that goes into it]… that’s the best recognition,” Nate said.

Not only was Nate’s award a surprise, he hadn’t prepared a speech. When he came to the platform to accept, he was directed to the microphone. “This is part of the deal?” he asked. Yes, so take note, future entrants.

In all, 33 Golds were awarded, 62 Silvers, and 60 Bronzes. You can view the winners on TIVA’s website and see clips of some of the work: www.tivadc.org.

Host Arch Campbell, of Channel 7 (ABC7/WJLA) and Newschannel 8, served up his usual menu of jokes, some good enough to make an Iowa cornfield envious. Award presenters included Monika Samtani, reporter/anchor on WUSA9’s morning news; Rick Kain, actor and stuntman; Tara Garwood, actress and filmmaker; and Ken Arnold, actor and failed Major League Baseball player. Each had a little bag of humor, which they sprinkled throughout their segments (Question: What’s the difference between God and a director? Answer: God doesn’t think he’s a director. Ouch.) The jury is still out on whom received the most laughsundefinedjeez, you’re a tough crowd! Special notice goes to Arch, however, for creatively working the Unabomber into his humor palette. Only Arch could take a 17-year-old story and make it relevant today.

In addition to the human stars who turned out, the venue itself was a star. Like Hogwarts Academy, the National Press Club rooms exude an ancient wisdom, the ‘acme’ in ‘academe,’ where great figures from past and present have trod its vaunted hallways. Upon the walls are pictures of the Grand Wizards of Journalism, Politics, and Just Plain Famous Folk.

“The Press Club has a level of class consistent with the people and the work of Peer Award entries,” Griffith noted. But the Press Club’s website goes one better, stating it “hosts thousands of events each year for sophisticated clients from around the globe.” Yep, that be us.

Though Bernie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans weren’t on the menu, carnivores wolfed down calamari, cured meats, mussels, satay, smoked salmon, and fried salami (like a meat-flavored potato chip). Vegetarians noshed roasted yellow squash and purple onions, quiche, mascarpone with honey, fruit, eggrolls, and potstickers. And future diabetics scarfed German chocolate cheesecake, double-whammy chocolate cake, fruit custard cups, and cupcakes slathered with heart-stopping frosting with ever so appropriate images of TV screens fashioned in food coloring.

Peer Distinguished Achievement Award Recipient Linda Maslow Speaks to the crowd.

In addition to production works, each year TIVA also honors a notable colleague through its Distinguished  Achievement Award. Linda Maslow, of The Maslow Media Group (MMG), graciously accepted the 2012 honors for building the nation’s first full-service video production, staffing, crewing, and payroll services company. From its nascent vision in 1988, MMG has grown to find itself on Inc. magazine’s 500 List of Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America.

Maslow’s goal has always been to own a business, and she credits her late father as her “visionary and mentor.” Dad’s advice for the then-newbie: Get all the free credit cards you can to help pay for stuff. Maslow cautions that her brainchild for this type of staffing agency “was daunting” at first. But she offers that in order for anyone to succeed, we must take calculated risks, believe in ourselves, and be committed to our vision.

“Bravo to all of you who for all these years stuck it out,” she added.

And we might add, bravo to those who volunteered to produce the Peer Awards. You know how much work goes into itundefinedfrom the initial planning months in advance to laying out nametags on the night of the big event. Advertising, recruiting entries, judging, writing and producing the multi-media program, securing the venue and catering, the dizzying list goes on.

“How this show gets put together, the fact that people come to consensus, is amazing,” Griffith said.

But it’s not just another glitzy DC show. The Peer Awards are also a great networking event, according to Woodward. He says more TIVA people come to this than any other of TIVA’s events throughout the year. Let that be a motivator to those who didn’t come out to play this year.

Hearty congratulations to those who received awards; keep trying for those who didn’t; and endless rounds of drinks to all those whose hard work, sleepless nights, and last-minute panic combined to pull off another fantastic show. We hope to see your entries next year!

Writer, editor, and voice actor Sarah Snyder is principle of Sarah A. Snyder Writing & Editing, based in NoVa.

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